Donkey (ânesse) milk soap for the beauty

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Donkey (ânesse) milk soap for the beauty

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Donkey (ânesse) milk and its virtues
For the beauty of the skin

Donkey- “ânesse” Milk

The Donkey (ânesse) milk, well known since the famous ablutions of Cleopatra is a major ingredient of revealer of beauty and well being. Its effectiveness depends on the concentration of donkey milk in the formulation of the product, and bio in preference. The higher the percentage of donkey milk, the stronger the action. The Donkey (ânesse) Soap should contain Organic donkey (ânesse) milk and be made in cold saponification (maximum 17 degrees) in order to retain all the strength of the virtues of “ânesse”‘s milk.

Hygiene of the body and face with donkey (ânesse) milk:

Washing with Donkey (ânesse) milk Soap is not just an act of hygiene but the first beauty treatment for the skin before any other care products. We know six great virtues for this ingredient:


Le lait d'anesse préserve la jeunesse

Donkey (ânesse) soap for the beauty

Vertu 1: Cleansing Milk

Donkey (ânesse) milk is considered an excellent dermo-caustic. Its mineral salts make it possible to clean the skin in depth by ridding it of the dead skin. This detergent action also encourages cell growth and regeneration of the epidermis.

Vertus 2 and 3: Moisturizing and Protective Milk

Donkey (ânesse) milk has undeniable moisturizing properties. Nourishing the skin deeply, it acts as a natural tensor. Wrinkles and furrows fade and the skin remains smooth and dynamic, despite the passage of years. Moreover, the composition of donkey milk, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, is very close to that of the lipid film of the skin. Thus, not only does its regular application not dry the skin, but it also preserves it against the risks of drought. This characteristic explains why donkey milk is indicated for people with dry, reactive or problem-prone skin.

Vertu 4: Antiallergic milk

For example, donkey (ânesse) milk soaps are recommended to relieve skin with psoriasis and eczema. They take care of the most fragile, sensitive or most allergic skin. Rare natural soaps not to cause allergies, their softening action makes it possible to sweep redness, itching and dryness of a foamy and reassuring caress. Without going so far, Donkey’s milk is ideal to take care of a simply dry skin, constantly threatened by pollution or limestone water.

Vertu 5: Antioxidant Milk

Donkey Milk exerts antioxidant power on the skin. The massive presence of omega 3 and 6 protects the membranes of skin cells and promotes the regeneration of the superficial layers of the epidermis. Through these fatty acids, highly prized in cosmetology, donkey’s milk slows down skin aging. No need to worry about the effects of aging, your skin keeps its youth longer.

Vertu 6: Vitaminized Milk

To top it off, donkey’s milk is rich in vitamins. Its A B C E vitamin complex blocks free radicals from cellular metabolism and protects the skin effectively.



A donkey (ânesse)  in pasture


With a simple and natural ingredient used for centuries by many populations, whose effects have been proven, it becomes easier to take care of its skin on a daily basis without spending a fortune.

To your soaps of “ânesse” to nourish and smooth your complexion!

Luce Aubry


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