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La Rosa Canina – An emblem and a wild rose and its virtues


Rosa Canina a savage flower which has been highlighted for her virtues

La Rosa Canina has been an ornament, an essential offering for all mankind

For centuries, la rosa canina inspired many known figures such as Saadi Shirazi, the Greek Sappho, Shakespeare, Apollinaire, Verlaine, Anna de Noailles, Rilke, Garcia Lorca…etc These poets have all celebrated the delicate beauty of the flower, known as a metaphor of a loved one or time. Besides, several social groups have adorned their emblems with a rose. For instance, Freemasons, French and foreign wine producers, political parties, and religious groups have done so.


The transformation of wild rose:


The roses that are now cultivated are the product of many millennia of transformation and there are now countless varieties. Actually,  there is an estimate of 3000 cultivars available today worldwide, but only a dozen species such as La Rosa Canina, were used in the first place to cultivate the roses we find today.


Perfumes and cosmetics:

Another type of roses - natural beauty

Rosebuds – Source Pixel2013 – Bush, Röschen


Oil from rose petals has been a major foundation in the making of perfumes and cosmetics for centuries

In addition, in Grasse, city of perfumes in France, has a large rose culture with many varieties known for their astonishing beauty. To be visited – exhibit and “La Rose à Grasse” event in Alpes Maritimes.


Petals of dried roses

The petals and seeds are rich in many properties! Source: Sunpic

Herbalists have observed the cosmetic virtues of roses and La Rosa Canina. It is therefore from the macerate of rose and of La Rosa Canina that stems softening, astringent, invigorating and regenerating oils. This explains why we find this rose in many beauty products; the soothing and anti-aging lotions for face-care, hands, and nails.

Also, there are many products sold in chemist’s as a food complement for osteoarthritis, and other pains (see below)

History Note:

La Rosa Canina was imported since the Ancient World, and was used by apothecaries in the preparation and usage of medicine, rituals, and perfumery. It is known that in 77 AD, the Roman diarist Pliny recorded more than 30 pains which could be healed with various Roses Canina. In addition, as mentioned below, this species of rose for cosmetology contains Vitamin A, Omega-6, and Omega-3 to help plump naturally your lips, wrinkles, regenerating the skin’s cells, and give the skin a smoother aspect. The oil from the grains of this rose is fantastic moisturizer. We will see below a selection of the benefits found in this plant.


The seeds properties are multiple

Dog rose – la Rosa Canina, Source Wikipedia


La Rose Canina contains:

  • Calcium
  • Citrates
  • Citric acid
  • Iron
  • Malate
  • Malic acid
  • Niacin
  • Organic acids
  • Pectin
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, K, P

Medicinal Virtues:

  • Regenerating
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Helps the cardiovascular system
  • Antiviral

And many other medical virtues that you can discover on the links below, which are particularly complete and provide useful information on the usage of La Rosa Canina and its grains for osteoarthritis, worn state of cartilage, rheumatism and many more…

Conclusion :

La Rosa Canina, wild rose, or dog rose is an indispensable friend for our well-being and for the beauty of our skin! And to be used without moderation as a natural beauty product, and as herbal tea with the right advice of a herbalist for the dosage.


Luce Aubry




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    Thanks , I’ve just been searching for info about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have found out till now. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you certain in regards to the supply?

    • Luce Aubry 2 May 2018 at 11 h 24 min - Reply

      Take a break and devote yourself to a fragrant purifying DIY herbal tea that will help you keep sneezing away : with roses, roses and more roses!

      If the scent of roses captivates you and you can not do without it, try to put them in your tea. The rose hip is in fact known for its purifying properties and not only! Its petals are a concentrate of vitamin C : while you relax with its scent, you will also have the advantage of keeping away the colds in season.

      Prepare your mixture with 50 gr of rose hip , 20 gr of mallow , 20 gr of elder and the peel of a lemon . Pour two teaspoons of mixture into the boiling water and add two teaspoons of millefiori honey: filter and drink the hot herbal tea!

      Have a nice day and enjoy May to test this receipe

  2. Marvin Bendzus 25 May 2018 at 21 h 28 min - Reply

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