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Inspired by natural French elegance and Asian spiritual values, Dakini Body Care‘s philosophy is to promote the use of medicinal plants, and to raise awareness about their traditional benefits among users, through a comprehensive skincare range.
We offer balms, oils and soaps, lovingly made by hand in the South of France, and manufactured using only natural, organic ingredients, in order to fully preserve the properties of these plants.
The best proof of our commitment and exacting standards is that we have obtained the “Nature & Progrès” (Nature & Progress) certification through the laboratory with whom we have chosen to work.
The entire Dakini team is passionate about its aim of improving the wellbeing of modern women and men, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the natural processes which enhance the body and nourish the soul.



It is strange evenings when plants have a soul

At the head of this team, and founder of Dakini, is Luce, a Frenchwoman who is very committed to a healthy lifestyle. She also loves travelling and discovering new horizons.
An advocate of eating healthily and exercising regularly, she applies herself to maintaining a balance between tradition and modernity on a daily basis.
One of her favorite destinations is Mongolia, where she finds spirituality, wisdom, self-awareness and inner peace.

• Luce, what does Dakini mean?
The Dakinis are female divinities from Tibetan Buddhism, who are incarnations of wisdom and who left the confinement of terrestrial existence for vast celestial spaces (the sky is the symbol of wisdom in Tibetan Buddhism). They are brilliant examples of devotion, compassion and consummate femininity. A perfect name for my project. In developing this organic skincare range, I wanted to help our clients to feel better in their own skin, every single day, and, consequently, in complete harmony with themselves!

• How did you come up with the idea to create Dakini?

This project comes from a personal anecdote. It germinated in my head following my meeting with a cosmetologist passionate about her job. She gave me the immortelle flowers macerate that worked wonders on the dark circles that I had kept on my face as a result of a cranial trauma.
So, I brought back to Mongolia, where I used to live at this time, in addition to the Immortelle flowers elixir some of the products made by the latter. The winters are incredibly rigorous and dry, putting the skin of the face to a very severe test, and the balms that I used daily worked perfectly. So much so that many of my Mongolian friends, very attached to traditional Asian medicine, and trained in the use of medicinal plants, asked me where they could get this exceptional care. I decided to create a natural organic range based solely on medicinal plants and their power and the precious milks of donkey and sheep. Dakini is Born!
An important detail! The macerate of immortelle flowers has done wonders on my deep rings that would never have disappeared without the help of the power of the immortelle flowers.

• How are Dakini products made?

All the products are handmade near Castres, in the south of France and meet the strictest standards of organic cosmetics and organic farming, validated by the award of “Nature & Progrès”. A selection of flowers, sweet oils, essential oils and natural dyes to create our soaps, balms and oils, in order to preserve the full virtues of the plants. Our formulas are unique and our products are designed with passion in total respect of the human and the environment.

• What are your hopes for Dakini?

This skincare range is the reflection of a lifestyle, with wellbeing which I truly believe in: healthy, balanced and respectful. The body is a tool that enables you to achieve self-fulfillment and it’s important to know how to nourish, protect and maintain it. I want to promote a natural way of taking care of yourself thanks to Dakini products which, I hope, will provide optimum support for men and women in their beauty rituals. These few minutes are a precious moment for feeling good about yourself and achieving harmony with your inner self and nature.

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